design process


Client introduction

     The first step in any project is the important first meeting when we come out to the job site to meet with homeowner. It is very important for us to engage in conversation from day one and establish what we refer to as the 'design problem'. This often includes your wish list, expectations, goals, and even a few minutes in which we discuss your design taste! After doing a quick walkthrough and taking a few first notes on the space, we begin to express how our team will tackle your design. As a result, the homeowner is able to see our process, and unique strategies and goals being applied to their space.  Lastly, we provide additional information from which homeowners can see and check our credentials, work samples, etc. This initial meeting, usually lasting an hour or so, is also often referred by us as the initial (free) consultation.


design studies

 Exited to begin the process? So are we! It is here that we begin to take all the information from the previous meeting and put our team to work. In a few days, we are able to develop a strategy plan, sketch design solutions, and even create an initial budget and payment plan. This is all done in house with an expert panel of designers, contractor(s), and the information gathered from the initial visit. We take pride in being able to deliver a well-rounded initial design solution. Often our feasibility study deliverables consists can include the following:

  • program plan execution
  • concept plan(s)
  • concept vignettes
  • schedule delivery
  • initial soft budget
business process

     The emphasis of this delivery is given to creating a set of plans that solves arrangement, size, and overall spatial arrangement issues. Once we can confirm that we have reached a desired preliminary design solution, we legally formalize the process in an owner/designer agreement contract. This mutual agreement establishes our firm as your preferred design + build team, and establishes that all construction decisions will be make between homeowner and LSArch only. If our services included in the design studies mark the end of the process with our team, the homeowner accrues a fixed agreed charge for the said design services. Should this be the case, a simple agreement is signed, giving the homeowner the rights to the design services provided by our design team. Since every project is delivered uniquely, we can assure you our design team will provide the deliverables necessary per your initial wish list established on day one.  


final design review


     It is here that we finalize drawing plans, elevations, and necessary site drawings to your satisfaction. These are typically the set of deliverable drawings that are used to pull any necessary city, township, state permits as needed. 


build process



     Our design team continues to revise and improve shop drawings that will be utilized in the construction phase. Due to the construction process, and advantages of following a design-build approach, the final construction drawings will continue to evolve as the project advances. We are able to make this process work because as explained earlier, contractor(s) and suppliers have been a part of the design process since the beginning of the design studies phase.  Staying in direct and constant communication with the sub-contractor(s), our clients can expect the following:

  • weekly construction reports
  • weekly timeline update
  • progress photos
  • material and color selection(s)
  • paper-free billing per contract agreement
  • alteration notifications as they occur
  • final walkthrough punch list

     We understand your need to be involved may differ from our basic services. We are delighted to make special arrangements, as needed, to make sure the project is complete to your full satisfaction. 


Benefits of working with our DESIGNER-led design + build team:


Make same guarantees as a contractor-led project, but LSA is structured more loosely and more responsive to owner's interest


Can ensure construction conforms to design. Also able to make advisable design changes during construction with minimal cost and consequence



Results in reduced professional lability as compared to traditional construction


Remains responsible for professional design risks but delegates construction-related risk to sub-contractor(s)

* check out our blog for more information on our design and build process...