LEONARDO SILVA                             PRESIDENT / FOUNDER

LEONARDO SILVA                           PRESIDENT / FOUNDER

Leonardo Silva is a Wisconsin-based designer and developer who holds his Masters Degree in Architecture. As an intern architect and designer, Silva has been a part of large corporate organizations around the world from which he learned to execute and incorporate environmentally-responsible solutions. He has completed numerous educational, justice, and science and technology projects for both public and private sectors. It was his passion to create design solutions while controlling the design process from inception to reality that led him to leave award-winning firms to start one of his own. Mr. Silva's expertise includes the production of 3D renderings, construction documentation, project management, and conceptual design.

Having moved from Venezuela at the age of 12, Leonardo strides to bring the same passion that made him decide to pursue his degree in Architecture- his desire to provide, share his knowledge, and provide opportunities to those in need.

Outside of the office, he enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors, competing in triathlons, experiencing new cultures, biking and volunteering with his family.