Saving energy- demystified

Whether it's a new client interviewing me for the job, or a friend seeking DYI advice, I am encountering numerous people asking me how to improve the energy efficiency of their home. It's easy to put on our salesmen hat and suggest solar, wind, even thermal alternatives, but that's not what I'm here to tell you. I want to make sure we take care of the small, most effective fixes first! 

Enough about that, let's get to the good stuff! Focusing on confort and the reduction of energy "waste", here are the four ways to do so:

  1.  Air seal the home to create a more tight, leak-free environment. This can be achieved by making sure all windows and windows are properly caulked.
  2.  Replace your attic insulation. Most home owners have regular batt insulation. An upgrade would be to install fiberglass. An even better solution: spray foam the area! Either one of these options will make a huge impact, for both summer and winter months.
  3. Replace most windows. Research shows Argon-filled, low-e, and even triple pane windows will help to keep a more stable temperature year round.
  4. Install window inserts on other windows.  Want to maintain the integrity and character of old windows? No problem. These inserts will help to keep drafts and noise out