Sustainable. Energy Efficient. Two of the most overused phrases builders / contractors will use to get a competitive edge. But as a consumer, what does that really mean? What methods are they using to to 'walk the walk'? A good design builder will not only advertise this to you, but also constantly communicate the steps being taken towards conserving energy. 

Here at Leonardo Silva Architects, we take energy conservation seriously. It is an integral part of our design culture. In case you were not aware (because frankly, we don't use it as a marketing ploy), we are proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner. But what does this mean, exactly? It means we will take the time to have our plans reviewed by a third party home energy rater, who will make sure we are doing or due diligence. Or using the same terminology as before, walk the walk.

What a better way to show you our commitment to promoting energy efficiency than by having your next project achieve an Energy Star label?